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  • Proactive Accommodation Sourcing Service proactively sources accommodation anywhere in the world.

  • Client gives us their requirement, i.e., Apartments in Frankfurt.

  • WAFH will undertake a thorough search for apartments in Frankfurt against the client brief.

  • often travel to the project locations, connect with the local community, meet accommodation owners and view properties.

  • We will always ensure we put forward a good selection of properties for the client to choose from within their budget.

  • We have already proactively sourced apartments for multiple clients in the following locations (See below).

  • We have a database with a vast range of properties already in these locations.

  • Studios to 1 and 2 bedroom apartments up to large properties which can accommodation 20 – 30+ guys, we have something available for all requirements.

Mons, Belgium

Sas Van Gent, Holland

Katrineholm, Sweden

Espoo, Finland

Staffansdorp, Sweden

Odense, Denmark


Frankfurt, Germany

Barcelona, Spain

Zurich, Switzerland

Paris, France

Warsaw, Poland

Lulea, Sweden

Winterthur, Switzerland

Eskiltuna, Sweden

Sandviken, Sweden

Middenmeer, Holland

Ballerup, Denmark

Hamina, Finland

Zaragoza, Spain

Milan, Italy

Rotterdam, Holland

Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

Please contact us today to find out more on how can assist in securing accommodation for your project.

The WAFH Aim: To save companies Time, Money and Reduce Risk when booking accommodation.

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